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Machinery dedication to bring a network of specialized modern machine workshops together for an efficient and integrated supply base

High quality and complex precision components with multi-step processing needs

Know-how and hands-on experience from engineering and design to full assembly



Efficient and versatile machine shop

Integrated processing and logistics all operations within a machinery park of a 50 km radius

Lean small and mid-sized company operations for cost efficiency

Taichung main port access with prompt logistical services


A pool of 80 machine shops of advanced skills and machinery

Client supplies from turbofans to aircraft components and from gearboxes to index drives

Wide material selection

Semi to full assembly services

Quick shipment and delivery by sea, air or courier


Engineering experience at your service

Quality control and standard verifications

Raw material selection and certificates


Own engineering and design for detailed drawing and instructions for manufacturing

Quick modifications and changes

Modern software

technical info


1. Common casting:
(1) Material: FC200-FC250, Capacity: 60 ton
(2) Material: FCD 550-FCD650, Capacity: 4 ton
(3) Material: SCMn3, Capacity: 2 ton
(4) Material: SC46-SC49, Capacity: 2 ton
(5) Meehanite: Capacity: 60 ton
2. Gravity casting:
Metal mold casting, material A356, Capacity: 800 kg
3. Centrifugal casting


  1. CNC: dia 600 mm x length 4000 mm
  2. Vertical Lathe: dia 6000 mm


Table: 750 mm x 1500 mm

Boring Machine

  • X: 3000 mm
  • Y: 2000 mm
  • Z: 1600 mm
  • Weight limited: 20 ton


  1. Internal/ External Grinding
    Inner: dia 250 mm x length 300 mm
    Outer: dia 349 mm x length 1800 mm
  2. Surface grinding
    3000 mm x 2000 mm
  3. Abnormal Grinding


(Wire Electrical Discharge Machining)

400 mm x 250 mm
750 mm x 450 mm

Milling and Turning

  1. Lathe ability: dia 660 mm x length 1495 mm
  2. Plain milling: dia 100 mm
  3. End milling: dia 32 mm

Heat Treatment

  1. Conditioning: dia 600 mm x length 3000 mm
  2. Carburizing: dia 500 mm x length 600 mm
  3. TENIFER salt bath nitriding: dia 800 mm x length 2000 mm
  4. Medium frequency heat treatment: dia 1000 mm x length 3000 mm
  5. Vacuum plasma nitriding: dia 800 mm x length 2000 mm
  6. Vacuum heat treatment: dia 500 mm x length 600 mm
  7. Subzero: dia 400 mm x length 500 mm
  8. Hard anodizing
  9. Hard chromium plating treatment: dia 500 mm x length 1000 mm
  10. Aluminum oxide plating treatment
  11. Chromium oxide treatment: thickness 0.3 mm
  12. Electronic Nickel-plating with dispersed PTFE

Common Materials

1. Alloy steel material:
(1) Structural steel: S25C, S45C, SCM415, SCM440, SNCM220, SNCM439
(2) Tool steel: SK2, SKS2
(3) Die steel: SKD11, SKD61
(4) High speed tool steel: SKH51
2. Nonferrous metal
(1) Aluminum plate/ aluminum rod
3. Phosphor bronze
4. Babbitt metal

Above material standards by JIS.Wider material options available.